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Work Packages

WP1: Construction of data infrastructure and statistical toolbox (Sabine Zinn, Daniel Graeber, Lorenz Meister)

The aim of this WP is to create a unique, state-of-the-art integrated data infrastructure based on the annual main survey of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), the two Corona special surveys of the SOEP (the SOEP-CoV and the RKI-SOEP study) and contextual data as well as the development of a statistical toolbox.

WP2: Populations at risk in the socio-economic domain (Sabine Zinn, Daniel Graeber, Lorenz Meister)

In this WP, we provide an informative description of how the pandemic has altered life courses based on comparisons of the levels and distributions of monetary and non-monetary outcomes before, during and after the pandemic.

WP3: Policy evaluation in the socio-economic domain (Carsten Schröder, Daniel Graeber, Lorenz Meister)

Various policies have been implemented by different levels of the German government to reduce the negative health and socio-economic impacts of the pandemic and the resulting economic recession. In WP3, we contribute to the literature by separating "effective" from "ineffective" policies evaluated in monetary and non-monetary domains.

WP4: Populations at-risk in the health domain (Claudia Hövener, Niels Michalski)

In WP4 4 we investigate how the COVID-19-pandemic directly and indirectly impacts health outcomes for at-risk populations in analogy to WP2. At-risk groups are defined by (1) attributes of pre-existing illnesses/conditions, (2) risk behavior as well as (3) social position and demographic measures.

WP5: Policy evaluation in the health domain (Oliver Razum, Emily Finne)

Policy measures aim at a reduction of the spreading of the virus but also at compensating unintended socio-economic and health effects arising directly from becoming diseased or as unintended side-effect of protective measures. The main objective of WP5 is to evaluate the impact of specific policy measures (in analogy to WP3), varying over time and regions, with a focus on social inequalities in health effects.

WP6: Synthesis of results, preparation of research papers and policy reports, knowledge transfer (Claudia Hövener, Oliver Razum, Carsten Schröder, Sabine Zinn, Emily Finne, Daniel Graeber, Lorenz Meister, Niels Michalski)

In this WP, we disseminate our new knowledge in research articles as well as syntheses articles.


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